Bark Lake & Golden Lake

Two of the area’s largest lakes, Bark Lake & Golden Lake provide exceptional fishing from Mid-May to October. Both lakes offer great fishing for Northern Pike, Walleye, and Bass. Smallmouth Bass provide for some great fights and acrobatic jumps throughout the summer.  

Bark Lake is the only lake in the area that offers year round Lake Trout fishing.

Northern Pike and Walleye are plentiful from mid-May to July. Once the water warms up in the summer months, we fish these species a bit deeper in order to maintain the spring’s success rate.

Pickerel (Walleye) over 10 pounds are often caught in Bark Lake, and Northern Pike up to 20 pounds.

Bark Lake is located near Barry’s Bay and Madawaska in Renfrew County, approximately 2 hours West of Ottawa and 3 hours North of Toronto, and Golden Lake is near Deacon, approximately 2 hours West of Ottawa. 

Book one of our evening trips and watch the picturesque sunsets while you reel in the trophy Walleye!
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